Antidote to Poverty

Ògùn Ìṣẹ́ (Antidote for Poverty)

Everyday comes with opportunity to work hard and pursue your goals. How much hard work is too much? 

Hard work does not kill, instead it makes you better at your skills and it prepares you for greatness. 

Ògùn Ìṣẹ́ is a cartoon based song created by Akonilede Yoruba as our first step towards cartoon production, it teaches the benefits of hard work.

For us at Akonilede Yoruba, with hard work and consistency, we have been able to reach our goal in this cartoon production. We believe in our capabilities and we are determined to fight anything that life throws at us and so should you. 

Having the right mindset can help you achieve success. With the right mindset, every failure becomes a stepping stone for success instead of a deterrent. With hard work you will achieve everything you want, your family will be proud of you and you will be happy with yourself. 

Some of our students at the Yoruba Language and Literary Club also gave a poem rendition on hard work in the project.

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