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Are you interested in taking Yoruba language beyond speaking? How would you like to learn the core concepts, the culture and literary aspect of Yoruba? We are here to help take you on

  1. My Spouse is Yoruba – a specialized class for men and women, married or not, whose partners are Yoruba and would love to learn their partner’s language
  2. Mother and Child – a specialized class where we teach mothers and their kids how to speak Yoruba language
  3. Coming to Nigeria – this class is specially curated for people who are travelling to Nigeria for the first time for business or pleasure. This class will help them to learn basic Yoruba language which will help in improving their overall experience of their trip.
  4. Book A Taster Class – Let us help you to access you current level of Yoruba language knowledge while you experience our online class before you sign up for our class

Student Categories

  1. Children – for children between age 4 and 17
  2. Adults – for students 18 years and above
Our extensive experience and consultative approach set us apart from other language service providers. At Akonilede Yoruba, we have a dedicated team of professional translators at hand for all your translation needs. We handpick your translator from our network of translators, ensuring that they meet your project’s requirements.

It can be overwhelming and frustrating not knowing what to do after investing so much time going through school, probably studying a course you have no idea what to do with it or doing a job that barely pay your bills. Our Language Teachers training focuses on helping you harness the knowledge of language you already have to be come an effective coach and build a formidable language coaching brand with ease.

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