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I'm so happy my kids get to learn an indigenous Nigerian language, particularly because I don't speak fluently myself Akonilede Yoruba is doing a good job of teaching them the yoruba language and they are always excited to participate in the classes

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Get 20% discount on 50 pages or more translated document. 

Hi Damilare, Do you remember me from “The Village Fire”. We exchanged contacts on getting to the elevator. I work at Jumia and referred my team to work with you. Everyone commended your work on the script

Translation & Interpretation

  • Professional translation of documents from ENGLISH to YORUBA and vise-versa 
  • Provision of quality interpretation services during EVENTS and MEETINGS

Editing & Subtitling

  • Editing of documents and subtitling of AUDIO and VIDEO recording to meet client expectation and standard.

Yoruba ensemble and music presentation at events


We offer various forms of Yoruba language consultancy services for individuals and corporate organizations, we create content for online platforms, TV screen, advert s and radio jingles. Our services are tailored to meet specific requirements of our customers.
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