Yoruba Language and Literary Club

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Have you ever thought of a safe, experts driven platform, where your child can learn about the beauty and richness embedded in Yoruba language, literature and culture?

Welcome to our exciting, insightful and educative Yoruba Language and Literary Club (YLLC) for children between age 6 and 18.

The club will help the subscribers to build on their existing knowledge of Yoruba language. They will learn and explore the different literary and cultural aspects of Yoruba. The club modules are developed to enhance the creativity, morals and values of the students.

This club is recommended for children that understand basic Yoruba language. They do not need to be experts. They only need to be able to read and write simple Yoruba words. Sessions hold every Saturday by 5PM (WAT).

For children that do not understand basic Yoruba language. Sign them up for our Basic Yoruba Language Course to get started now. They will be able to join the club and participate fully when they complete our Basic Course.

The club is a monthly, subscription based, paid club. Sign up today and give your child the opportunity to join the community of children from different parts of the world learning and exploring the values embedded in Yoruba language in greater details. If you are registering for more than 2 children, send us a message using our Contact Form before signing up.