The Experience that Brings Results

A ní ìtara tí kò lẹ́gbẹ́ fún ìbára ẹni sọ̀rọ̀ ní ède Yorùbá.

Learning a language is a journey and can be a tough one especially when you live in an environment where it is not spoken frequently. Either you or your ward does not understand or speak Yoruba language at all, or you understand but cannot speak.

Whichever level you are right now, we have the capacity to help you achieve your Yoruba language learning goals. Let us help you determine which of our courses will bring you to achieving your Yoruba language learning target. 


Why Choose Us?

Experienced Trainers

Our trainers are carefully selected for their experience, their enthusiasm and their specialised knowledge. Our trainers have been teaching Yoruba for many years and have significant teaching and related professional experience.

Tailor-Made Training

Your training is a central part of your whole experience. No two people learn the same way, or have the same needs, which is why all of our classes are customised to suit your individual objectives. Our trainers understand that every client is different, and their teaching style is flexible to adapt to the students in each group.

Our Courses


Beginners Level

Learning a new language can seem like an impossible task, as a starter we will hold your hands and walk you through the journey of becoming a fluent Yoruba language speaker.

Progressive Level

You may already have basic knowledge of Yoruba language, we will help you gain deeper understanding with our intermediate level course and so you can master the application of the basic concepts of the language.

Expert Level

Are you interested in taking Yoruba language beyond speaking? How would you like to learn the core concepts, the culture and literary aspect of Yoruba? We are here to help take you on


We place tremendous importance on the feedback we receive from our students, parents and the wider Akonilede Yoruba community. It is invaluable in providing endorsement and encouragement for what we do well and also in giving guidance into areas we can look to improve.

Got a question?

Are you thinking of learning and speaking Yoruba language? What has prompted you to think about it? Is it related to work, or a personal goal? Let us know how we can help you!

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